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So busy I haven’t posted much lately, apologies.

Here’s a great clip from the fine folks at ADAM audio. They make incredible speakers that I use all the time now.

Proud of so many great reviews on albums I’ve produced lately.

Amelia WhiteRhythm of the Rain featured in Rolling Stone Country

Lynn Taylor & the BarfliesStaggered featured in Rolling Stone Country

Ned HillSix Feet Above Ground featured in No Depression

Currently recording projects for:

Laura Rabell

The Truehearts

Jeff Thornycroft

Mack Starks

Tim Carroll

Minton Sparks

Derek Greene and Megan Lightell

Pat Gallegher

…and more in the works for 2019

Some more recent shots of Howard’s Apartment Studio

(photo credit Jared Manzo)

I’ll try to post those as soon as I have some free time.


Busy the last few months working on:

  1. Chris Crase E.P. with Marshal Richardson and Chris Autry.
  2. The Hummingbyrds album.  We’ve tracked four songs so far.
  3. Carolina Story have recorded pedal steel overdubs for their upcoming album tracked at Sun Studios in Memphis, TN.
  4. Guiermo Murillo, TX based producer at The Du Jour House asked me to record string and horn overdubs for some of his upcoming projects
  5. Jay Speight, Bottle Rockit Productions, sent demo and album guitar overdub work to me to record
  6. The David Motel, is in the process of mixing the second album I’ve recorded with Mark Nevers.
  7. The Coal Men are releasing and promoting with a publicist the new album, Pushed to the Side (8/19/16 release)
  8. Relocating the Studio for a few months while home remodeling goes on at Howard Ave

2016-05-25 17.45.35-1

Scott McMahan has wrapped up his new self-titled album and it will be coming out 7/19/16.

2016-05-25 13.11.06-2

Music City Roots gig with Oklahoma based singer/songwriter Jared Deck.

2016-05-19 19.00.28

Mixing The David Motel album with Mark Nevers at the Beach House.

2016-05-31 13.49.57


On the cover of Vanderbilt’s website is a photo of yours truly from the recording session with Jen Gunderman & the Sheryl Crow’s band while recording “What’s it Worth” for the Vanderbilt/Coursersa class Understanding the Music Business: What is Music Worth?

Vanderbilt website - Dave Coleman

Jen Gunderman Session collage


The Lanterns– Jack Silverman’s new band with Dillon Napier, & Bob Lanphier have recorded 4 songs that are headed off to be mastered this week.

2016-02-28 15.23.20

Dean Owens– has just released a video for the song “Cotton Snow.”  I produced and played all the instruments except acoustic and vocals.  He recorded his vocals (after finishing writing the lyrics and melody) back in his UK home and documented it with this great video.

The David Motel – new album recorded with David, myself, Chris Autry, and Marshall Richardson

Scott McMahan – new album is wrapped up and mastered by the great Alex McCullough at True East Mastering

2015-10-03 21.59.49

Taylor Goyette – new album recorded with Taylor, myself, Chris Autry, and Marshall Richardson. I just finished this record up and I’m very proud of Taylor and his first record.

2015-12-08 12.46.35

Justin Schipper, Jared Manzo, and myself are working on a bunch of Pedal Steel instrumentals

photo: Jared Manzo

photo: Jared Manzo

Amelia White – She’s recorded two singles with me with the great company of Julia Christensen, Sergio Webb, Justin Amaral, and Megan Carchman

2015-12-23 14.39.37

Bob Delevante – He’s finished up his new album called “Valley of Days” with contributions from The Coal Men, Gary Tallent, Scott Simontacchi, & more

Tracking with Bob Delevante

The Parted Ways – Megan Lightell & Nicki Christianson have started a project together and just recorded another song 3/12/16.

2016-01-02 13.17.39-1