Recording at Howard’s Apartment Studio

Record in a comfortable home studio at an artist friendly price with a friendly engineer & great gear.

Recording Equipment:

    • Mac Computer,  Pro Tools,  Universal Audio/Sound Toys/Avid/Waves plug-ins
    • ADAM audio t5v monitors, audio-technica, and vic firth headphones
    • UA Apollo interface,  Two UA LA-610, Audient ASP 880 preamplifiers
    • Neumann, Shure, Cascade, CAD, AKG, Miktek microphones
    • 1968 Slingerland Radio King drums, Zildjan and Dream/Bliss cymbals, and loads of percussion instruments
    • Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Jeff Senn, Jerry Jones, Danelectro, Teo , electric guitars
    • numerous stomp box/pedal effects
    • Gibson, Martin, Harmony, Silvertone acoustic guitars
    • Fender Super Reverb, Fender Deluxe, Gibson, Vox, Ampeg, Quilter amplifiers
    • mandolin, Nashville tuning (high-strung) guitar, resonator guitar, pedal steel, lap steel guitar
    • Everett upright piano, Korg SV-1 keyboard, CONN organ, toy piano, melodica

Album Credits (recording and production unless noted as other)

Various artists I’ve played guitar, recorded, and/or toured with:

Bob DelevanteStephen SimmonsMathew RyanThe PrescriptionsCarey Ott – Brian RitcheyMack StarksLynn Taylor & the BarfliesKeats – Cole SlivkaKevin GordonAmelia WhiteDuane Jarvis – Jon ByrdJoy Lynn WhiteBill EberleScott McMahanMolly JewelBraden LandDewveallReagan BoggsRod Picott – Tony Furtado – EL EL Lulu MaeMarkus RillDean OwensThis Modern Station (David Palmer)Amy SpeaceJen FosterJared DeckPhil Solem (of the Rembrandts) – Holly Solem – Jeff Thornycroft –  Markus Rill,  (members of) The Mavericks – James Otto – Mickey Guyton – Taylor Swift – Jesse Alexander – Lauren Lucas – and many more.

The Coal Men – discography

2016 – Pushed to the Side – Vaskaleedez Records

2013 – Skeletons [E.P.] – Vaskaleedez Records

2013 – Escalator – Vaskaleedez Records / Aimless Records (Todd Snider)

2009 – Kids with Songs – Funzalo Records

2007 – Beauty is a Moment – Circleback Records / Funzalo Records

2004 – Nowhere’s too Far – Vaskaleedez Records


Dave Coleman – Production Reel 2016

[brief clips of songs I’ve produced, recorded and played on] – 5 minutes

      1. “In Death Go Back” – Griffin HouseBased On: Words, Notes and Art from Nashville
      1. “Forever Ain’t the Way – Brooke WaggonerBased On: Words, Notes and Art from Nashville
      1. “Uhuru” – Michael B. HicksBased On: Words, Notes and Art from Nashville
      1. “When the Rain Come Down” – Phil MadeiraBased On: Words, Notes and Art from Nashville
      1. “What’s it Worth” – Jen Gunderman w/ Sheryl Crow’s backing band  – instrumental theme song for Vanderbilt/Coursera class Understanding the Music Business: What is Music Worth?
      1. “Goodbye Loneliness” – The David MotelPeople, Places, Things
      1. “Little Girl from Natchez” – The David Motel – People, Places, Things
      1. “Ain’t That How it Goes” – The David Motel – People, Places, Things
      1. “Hold On” – Bob DelevanteValley of Days
      1. “See You in the Morning” – Bob Delevante – Valley of Days
      1. “Drag the River” – Mayday MaloneWeathered
    1. “No Sign of Rain” – Mayday Malone – Weathered